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​Our Division

chowsons factory
Taiwan Factory
  • Site area at 4,000 sq. meter 220 employees, in which around 70 are indirect staff for management & engineering

  • R&D (Electronic products Research and Development )

  • Moulding (plastic & metalworks & fabrication)

  • Manufacturing Process Capability

  • 5 Assembly Lines

  • Quality Control Process

ODM/OEM manufacturing

Shanghai Factory
  • Site are at 10,000 sq. meter

  • 300 employees

Site are at 10,000 sq. meter, 300 employees, included:

  • Moulding Shop

  • Plastic Injection Plant

  • Stamping Plant

  • Painting Plant

  • DIP Plant (Lead-free)

  • Assembly Plant

chowsons one-stop production


Shenzhen Factory
chowsons outsourcing service
  • CKD/SKD Service

  • Alarm Accessories

  • CCTV Accessories

  • Electronic Components

  • Tool / Hardwares

  • Giveaway stuffs for Exhibition

Outsourcing service


chowsons milestone

Founded in 1979, Chowsons has continuously devoted to be a professional vendor to fulfill all our customers' requirements in the Security Industries.


Not only manufacturing, but also outsourcing, we always assist our clients all-rounded to get the quality products with right prices to beat their competitors in the Marketplaces.


Our aim is to build long-term partnership for mutual benefit and everlasting development. Chowsons has been proud of being a trusty partner to our customers worldwide.

One of our billion class customer praised us “With Chowsons, No Absences”. Although this comment represents our achievement, we don’t take it for granted. In the past 30 years’ company history,  we have been executing every essential quality inspection deliberately.


Especially we are proud of keeping our “4S” insistence on best Services, Security and Safety Shield technology, because they are the keys to win our customer’s heart.  They are the elements to maintain our perpetual reputation, as well as the image of our new Chowsons logo. Our slogan “Security Services shield your Safety” may let you know Chowsons in well!


Product Category

chowsons product category - alarm
chowsons product category - surveillance
chowsons product category - customized product
chowsons product category - purchasing service
chowsons product category - central vaccum
chowsons product category - home automation


Chowsons Headquarter

Tel: 886-2-2911-6887

Fax: 886-2-2911-6366

12F., No.190, Zhongzheng Rd., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City 231, Taiwan



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